Monday, December 7, 2009

Scrapbooking Resolutions

I think these are more attainable then the other ones that we make at New Year's.

I have a couple soooo far..And this list can be ammended and changed as necessary.

1. Visit my blogs lists more and post some comments.
2. Post more on my own blogs.
4. With number 3 done I will be able to scrapbook more.
5. Stamp off all my images into a binder to make an inventory of my stamps.
6. Update my idea binder.
7. Try out some techniques
8. Try to scrapbook during the week. (again with No. 3 done I can)
9. Put together page kits.

Wow..I thought there would be less of them.

1 comment:

Lisa G. said...

sounds "do-able" girlie! Miss you!