Sunday, November 22, 2009

I love Flock

I have the quickutz santa that was release last year.

I just flocked his hat and coat. Still drying.
I flower soft his beard.

I also tried his coat with flowersoft.

So what I have used this weekend.

I used some new stamps..or stamps that I have had for awhile but never used before.
I used my copics.
I used flowersoft
I used flock!!!

Finished all the pages in one book they are not prettied up yet

Still can't get over the flock.

I used my Stix2 glue spread it out with my finger and flocked away.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ink Stains

I keep forgetting to share this.

This blog is fantastic.
What a talented lady.
Great ideas
Great tips
just wow.

Ink Stains

And then there was Scrapbooking

So I got some stuff together today.
Funny I thought I owned a Quickutz die in the shape of a wreath..yeah I don't. I was sure I did. But I don't.

The idea's I had for my books completely went out the window. I tried to cover one in I wasted a lot of time on that. Didn't turn out the way I wanted to so I went with the ole fashioned cover with paper method.

I have the bare minimum done on one book. It needs to be made pretty still but I made good progress..

Of course I did not scrapbook in my room I worked on the coffee table which is really somewhat a pain.

When I pretty up the pages I will post pics.

I hope to work on it more tomorrow.

Flower soft has not been used yet..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's been a long time..scrapbooking goals

I honestly don’t remembered the last time I actually scrapbooked.
And to me scrapbook includes: cards, stamping, altering..etc..if I touch my scrapbook tools for it..I am scrapbooking..
Really I don’t. I am on this domestic goof wife kick right now which has even freaked out my husband. Yeah. I think it is my way of procrastinating on finishing up in my scrapbook room. My room is scrapable so no real reason not to scrapbook in there. And when in doubt I can do it at the coffee table if I really want to or feel I can't work in there.

I do have stuff that I have to start and get working on.

I am doing a mini swap with my friends Tamara and Michele. We are each making 1 T’was the Night Before Christmas book and a Christmas Carol book. Each person will receive one of each. Easy enough.

Well Tamara the show off if pretty much done her one book and is well on the way with her other one.

Michele and me..not so much. Technically we agreed to mail them the first week of has to go to Alberta the other to Nova Scotia..for me I need to get my ass in gear and start them.

I have fabulous ideas for each. I was a little stuck on the Christmas Carol book and then it finally came to me the idea for shouldn’t be a problem.

There was no particular style that you had to use do what you feel comfortable doing. The only idea behind it was that it wouldn’t cost much to mail it and it would fit in a regular envelope.

I have a lot of Christmas scrapbooking my plan is to actually utilize some of it.
I would like to try out some new techniques and such as well.

I have collected a nice allotment of Flower Soft and flock..etc..
New QK dies or well not new but never used..

So my scrapbook goals for the weekend: (in no particular order)
- Get the covers done for each of the books that I am making
- Pick out the supplies and determine the size of the books
- Use some stash
- Try some new techniques
- And just create something..anything
- oh if I get stumped I could make a couple Christmas Cards I definitely need 4.

So that is my plan. I am not leaving the house this weekend only to go to the grocery store so I will have lots of time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The moment of horror

2 weeks ago when I was organizing my scraproom it was about oh hour 8 of continuous organizing I had a moment.

I stood in the middle of my scraproom and just look around thinking it's not going to fit. Where am I going to put everything. I think I almost had a panic attack.
I was ready to sit on the floor and start rocking back and forth..I am serious it was that bad. Then....yes then...I took a deep breath and I got over was still in the back of my mind though but I pushed on and made progress.

When I was working on Jackie's nook. I told her about my moment. I said she would have that moment too. Accept I had it for her. Then she had it..oh not a good feeling. At this point we both just laid on the floor from exhaustion and just the OMG factor of it all. Jackie was laying under one of the 8ft long folding tables that house all the stuff we were trying to put into her nook. But after some vision and worked out.

I am so frustrated at this point with the room. There isn't much left to do, there really isn't. My problem before was I had no idea where to store certain embellishments now I have a place thanks to the punch storage.

It will be so worth it once it is all done. It is just getting to that point. I dislike going in there, I am so frustrated that I can't scrap when I want to. (yes my room is scrapable but I would like it finished before I start to make a mess in there). I have two projects that need to be completed in the next couple weeks. I need to think of stuff for Christmas. And of course I have the urge to scrap when it is impossible for me to do so.

I have been invited to a house crop the last Sunday in November but again don't have to take a lot of stuff and hopefully I will have something put together I can just take that and be okay with it. We really won't end up scrapbooking much anyway because we will just be chatting away.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

more storage solutions

I have seen this posted on a few sites and I ended up doing it myself. I initially had my punches in the drawers of a rolling cart but was running out of room. NOW..I can see my punches and I have free space to put other items (and no not new items existing items)

Buttons and flowers in jars..I have more jars for flowers