Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well it's not scrapping but it's something

Health & Safety Tips..
(needed a moment away from work so came up with this...) my favourites are bolded.

1. Don't lick or chew on walls (this should include fences as well as they are made with pressure treated wood)

2. Don't stick things in your eyes..

3. Your nose is not a pocket

4. Do not put a plastic bag over your head and then tie it shut..not a good rain hat this way..unless you cut eye holes..oh might also lead to suffocation.

5. Do not stick your head in a 5 gallon (or 20 L ) bucket that is full of water.

6. Do not cross the highway on foot..especially during non-rush hours (cars are actually moving at this point)

7. if the dog won't shouldn’t either

8. If it glows really isn't a good idea to hang around

9. If you poke something with a stick and it goes to poke back..wasn't a good idea in the first place.

10. do not smoke while applying hairspray

11. no appliance no matter how time saving should be used in the shower or tub.

12. do not lick electrical sockets or stick things in there.

13..personal favourite had the experience not stick your finger in a light will get shocked..that freakin' hurt.

14. DO NOT WEAR a necktie while shreadding..especially if you feel the need to get really close to the hopper and watch your material go thru.

15.. always put a lid on the blender before you turn it on..more a messy thing then safety..but something might get in your eye..

16..personal experience again...always where rubber gloves when cutting jalapenos..

17. Bears are not cute and cuddly..they are wild not attempt to pet them (I don’t like bears I had 2 bad experiences)..

18. mushrooms are not all magic

19. That stranger better be offering some pretty good candy to make me get in the car.

20. You wake up in a bathtub full of ice check to make sure they used surgical string to sew you back up. (cause your more than likely missing a kidney..) if your lucky you will be able to buy your own one back

Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Wedding LO

well what's it been..just over 2 years..and I am finally doing a wedding LO..

It took me less than five minutes to put the LO together and over 2 hours to do the lacing..still haven't stuck anything done yet..

NO techiques in this one either..what is happening to me.

The vellum is actually silvery..but I guess with the flash and the red paper behind it looks pinkish.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I used some stash

So I had some use flowers, buttons..and fabric..I did..
I use the fabric (a velvety material) as the photo mat. I got out my Making Memories and Basic Grey buttons and my new Prima flowers..
The little letters are from a friend..Paola..
And the pic is of my grandma..
Not my absolute best layout..but I am learning.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look what happens when I get home early

Well the boss let me go early I came home and decided to work on my scraproom a little more..I was missing a set of my Sakura pens and well finally found them..they were in my stamp then I decided well I am going to try flocking..cause flock was my word of the got out my ranger embossing pad and thought I try that to flock..well flock that do you think it worked..not so then I thought I would try my stik2 glue...after a half hour of looking for has been determined that my wonderful (currently staying at home until later this month--when he finally gets called back to work) husband has moved it from it's last location..I cannot find then I decided I will play with my new House Mouse stamps..I coloured them with my 3 sets of watercolour pencils..and what did I learn..even though I have 3 sets (different makes) and about 96 different ones..I still don't have enough colours..but this is what I came up with..used my handy dandy blender pen..which is supposedly refillable..( it really isn't..if you can get the lid off without going to the dentist after then you got a good one) 2 stamps later..(not killed on the colouring of the sitting bear's nose..but first attempt)

So after all that fun..I thought hey I just watched Tim Holtz's new demos..I have a can of compressed air..(and do you think I could find the red nozzle plastic must be with my stix2 glue) I came up with this..did this on an acrylic tag with my alcohol I think in his demo he used the new Bright colour sets..which I have yet to get my hands on..but I am told soon I will

So that fun was out of the way..and yes I continued..I know..I was shocked too..I spent about 4 hours in my scraproom..and really accomplished nothing..

So last thing I did while in there...I played with my peel off stickers and sakura pens..why not right..I had found the missing package..and as you know (or those who know me.) I love shockingly I coloured penguins..

SO scrapbooking is possible during the work week..scrapbooking is possible at home..and well now I am tired and I must go watch CSI...and clean my hands...
Happy Flocking..(what a great word)

Great Things I have received...

This was made for me for my birthday (the dirty 30) by my great friend Paola..

Now do I use it for Recipes..NO..but I do keep things (like cards..swap items..etc) in it..I just wanted to share..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mini Book

I started this project recently. I made one for my mom last year for mother's I thought I'd make one for me. So this is my first page.. using some of that amazing 6x6 black chipboard..October afternoon paper and my favourite thing..metal..I love metal..metal metal metal..I have a lot of metal..which makes my stuff HEAVY..carrying it..etc..And I love Rub-ons..okay I love a lot of things..but metal and rub-ons are at the top of the list..I tried to colour the rub-on with Distress Ink (I inked the grid so it wasn't SO white) but it didn't take..

I'm not only a closet scrapbooker..I am a hoarder

I have a lot of scrapbooking supplies, materials, stuff..way too much stuff..I love my stuff though..but I have a fear of using it..I keep saving that embellishment, that piece of paper for the perfect thing..but nothing will ever live up to the pedastal that I put that item on..I NEED to get past that..I need to start using stuff..knowing that it will be will be safe..on what ever I put it on..So another thing to add to the goal list..USE my stash..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

And my books

So this is one of my books..made from chipboard and modge podge..80 pages in total..all hand stitched..they are a fair amount of work..but in the end they are fantastic..I really need to get back into making these..have about 8 of them that need to be finished and sent out..all mostly done..just need final assembly..another to put on the goal list..and a few that haven't been started that really need to be.

My Next Scrapping Goals

Wow was I cute..yeah I can say that..most people that know me..will not think I could have ever been that innocent..ever..

So my next goal is to actually scrap like most people do..non-heritage..non-vintage..just a LO..but hey I think this is might be a little retro..

Damn I was cute..

Can't help it got to post another pic of me..

I have a huge collection of Making Memories flowers..I love them..and I was just told that a new shipment of Prima's just came into my LSS and that a couple of the packages will be a must have for me..but I have NEVER used any flowers in anything that I have done for flowers and buttons..

I have recently printed off from manufacturers websites lists of their product so I can check off what I have..I actually did pretty good and only have a couple doubles of ink and paint..

Oh and last goal is to learn how to embossing..there has been many an incidents with me embossing..some R&D at the LSS have gone terribly wrong..I am still finding embossing powder in places..I really like the effect of embossing..I really want to be able to do it..why won't it work for me..and when people try to show me..for some reason it doesn't work for them either..I am cursed.

So many techniques

No matter how many pics I take in so many different ways I can't get rid of the glare..

So..this was done with Ranger product..and I used a cuttlebug embossing folder in my Revolution..and it worked..the bottom right hand corner is inking the embossing folder and just pressing in on the paper..

That is my Great Great was a post card that he sent while at training camp in WWI..just before he died.

This LO took 4-6 hours..did it at a crop..Still not liking all this stuff together..but it was a technique page I did..I just wanted to see all the different stuff I could do..which confusses the other croppers..

My chipboard

I love chipboard I like making things with chipboard..If I can think it..I am pretty sure I can make it with chipboard..
I have tons of naked chipboard..I have 75 pieces of 6x6 black chipboard..I just realized how many packages I had of it..but it is such a great is black thru out..and 25 sheets for $9..and they might not be making it I had to stock up...
So in my chipboard making experiences..I came up with my cardfolio..I got the idea from TV Weekly which it is just ashame that they are no longer with us..but I changed up their formula a little..

They are sooooo easy to make..Modge Podge is the only way to adhere paper to chipboard when making something structural..

We are scrappable

I have spent part of the day putting away my materials from the last time I was at a crop..So if I chose too I could go into my room and actually scrapbook..but well the desire has gone..Sunday is suppose to be relaxing day..and being 5:10pm..I have decided that I will not be doing anything else today except relax.

And well add more stuff to my blog.

So since I have a great LSS..again gonna do the plug..(and yeah Jackie I already know what your gonna say..I don't get a discount..I try all the time..if I open a package and then try to purchase it..she won't give me a discount..if I drop product on the floor and try to purchase it I don't get a discount..if I use a product and then purchase it..I don't get a discount..)

So anyway..since I have a great LSS..I have a couple things posted in there..this one is in the Ranger section..big surprise..cause I have every Ranger product out there..

This was my first attempt at ironing paper..I crumpled the whole paper..ran my Old Paper Distress ink over it and then...spritz with water and got out my little craft iron and ironed it flat.

I used Ranger's Memory glass in the film strip..and if you look closely at the bottom pic in the film strip you will see that my great grandmother..(aka..Lovica) is holding a stuffed dog..all that have examined the pic are pretty sure that it isn't a real dog..

This one is right behind the cash desk..I mean everyone gets to see it..and in my opinion it's the best LO in the store..except..for the Bucket List..

So I had just gotten some new stamps when I did this LO and had some fun with it..once again started with white cardstock and coloured the paper..

That is my grandma in the pic and a letter that her grandfather wrote to her.

And Where it All happens

So that is my scrap old kitchen is in use in the picture above..I don't spend enough time in my scraproom..I usually scrap at my LSS... great store... (hey Jackie if I plug you on my blog do I get a discount?)

So that is it for now..I must go clean up my scrap area..


It is what I call a "Ranger Product" LO..I LOVE Ranger products...
I did this LO of my grandparents (actually I created it at home and not at a crop)

SO started with White Bazzil..coloured it all with Scattered Straw & Old Paper distress inks..crumpled the corners..inked with Weather Wood..and then used Re-inkers (Old Paper) and a waterbrush and added some watermarks.
I used my newest punch by Fiskars to create the filmstrip look..and


title..1943 is Basic Grey Chipboard Numbers..I coloured in Broken China and then covered in Crackle Accents..

My Inspiration

This is my Grandma..

I have lots of photo's of her as a child and her family.

Why Not Right

Everyone else is doing it...why can't I..

So I did..I started a blog..gonna go for the montly update though..I can at least guarantee maybe we will work our way up to more posts..but that is my commitment level for now.

So once I figure it all out I will start posting..this is my second attempt today..deleted the first one.. were my inspiration..sorry we have the same background..but the other ones weren't working for me..