Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, July 22, 2010

and this is why I am friends with Jackie....

not only does she have as much scrapbooking supplies as me (and maybe more..not much more though)
she has brilliant ideas.
I received a sketch this morning regarding the layout of my scraproom redo.
brilliant I tell you.
And she was willing to come back from the cottage early to help me..but I said NO (and she will be involved she's not getting out of it that easily. I don't need her for the packing up stuff..nope she gets to be there for the putting it away..)
But she is coming during the week so we can plan what I need to buy and where things will go..

I will say she did add a spot for herself to work at in my scrapbook room..hmm convenient I think..on her part..

So plans are in motion..building cabinets and cupboards are out..huge working space (5 x 7 to be exact) will be implemented..
thats all I can say..

and another reason I keep her around..she feeds me, drives me places..and is she is self proclaiming to be my conscience which is kinda scary in its self too..but I guess it's better than the one I currently

There are other reasons but those are the scrapbook related ones..

why does she keep me around..cause she knows in the event something happens to me she gets all my everyone if I disappear mysteriously Jackie probably knocked me off for my scrapbook supplies..I'm just saying..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So here is the plan....

famous last words on my part..
ok this is the weekend before the long weekend.
Goal to start the scraproom reno the long weekend.
What has to be done prior to that.
Finish purging and cleaning the upstairs.
Well what is left upstairs..
Spare bedroom and living room (which has been a dumping ground for everything) and the sunroom.
Can I pull it off..I am sure a normal person Procrastination..well if I have a deadline I'm great at stuff like that..and since I have a dead line and would love to be able to scrap and see what I have then yeah I think I can.

So this weekend need to finish upstairs and then I can start boxing up all my scrapping stuff..and I am hoping to purge as I go too..the joys of buying a bunch of rubbermaids was brillant on my part. I'm going to approach this whole thing by the blog (it's listed on my blog list) "my love affair with a label maker"..that is the theory anyway.

But I will group like things together and put them all in one container so when I go to put them away I can just have one container..yay..also this way I can see how much I have of one thing when deciding on the storage method..and really how many cupboards I need..this is going to drive me nuts this whole process but it will be worth it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I got one!!!
I had a great time downloading images for it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Cornish Heritage Stamps are going out of business. Today is the last day to order and guarantee what you get..

Jackie and I had a little fun ordering last night..their 6x6 scrapblocks are awesome (already own two)...

Great quality's to bad they are leaving..

BUT...I think I might have found a QK Silhouette...very excited..

Now my reno on my room is hopefully starting in two weeks..
I can't start it until I have upstairs of my house dealt with..but that is ever so much needed motivational push..lots of new stuff coming..orders have been made..can wait to actually use my stuff..not just look at it..

And I need to update my inventory list..

Hey anyone heard of Dreamweaver Stencils and paste..that is my new..hmmm..I'm trying that out thing..

Well I have started going thru blogs..

I went thru Imagine far..and wow if you don't already look at that blog you should check it out.

And Trish..thanks for the message..I am back..
And some R & D moments need to happen..I miss doing R & D at my LSS..
I purchased some new books as well and there is some stuff in there that kinda pushes the limits and lets just say it involves clay...Jackie is thinking about it..I know in the end we will try it out..

Anyway ladies..I hope to have some pics to post. I did make some tags back at the end of May..tried out all the new Tim Holtz colours..yes I have the complete 36 ink colours are great..finally a grey.

Ok two post in two days wow..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

After a long hiatus

I think I am almost back.

I have never STOPPED buying I am still up to date on all the stuff...
I have now the resources and time and energy to do a complete overhaul and rebuild of my scraproom. (This is exciting)...

I will have counters and cupboards and funky colour painted walls.
I can build the scrapbook room of my dreams (or well what will fit in my 11 x 11 room.

My goal is in two weeks to start emptying my room and preparing to paint!!!!


I am so looking forward to getting back to my hobby..

I have not visited too many blogs recently and that is on my too all my scrappy friends..I haven't forgotten about you I will go back and see all the work you have done.

I have lots of new techniques I want to try..I am hoping to start maybe posting a lot more frequently and well just getting creative and messy and dirty..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Scrapbook Store Road Trip

I am SO looking forward to this coming weekend. (All weather pending of course)
We are jumping in a vehicle and going all over the place to about I think 5 scrapbook stores. Shopping Shopping Shopping.

I am even considering getting a digital cutter system..QK's that is.
Something normal.

I am on a stamp mission..I want stamps and QK dies!!!