Monday, December 7, 2009

Scrapbooking Resolutions

I think these are more attainable then the other ones that we make at New Year's.

I have a couple soooo far..And this list can be ammended and changed as necessary.

1. Visit my blogs lists more and post some comments.
2. Post more on my own blogs.
4. With number 3 done I will be able to scrapbook more.
5. Stamp off all my images into a binder to make an inventory of my stamps.
6. Update my idea binder.
7. Try out some techniques
8. Try to scrapbook during the week. (again with No. 3 done I can)
9. Put together page kits.

Wow..I thought there would be less of them.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I love Flock

I have the quickutz santa that was release last year.

I just flocked his hat and coat. Still drying.
I flower soft his beard.

I also tried his coat with flowersoft.

So what I have used this weekend.

I used some new stamps..or stamps that I have had for awhile but never used before.
I used my copics.
I used flowersoft
I used flock!!!

Finished all the pages in one book they are not prettied up yet

Still can't get over the flock.

I used my Stix2 glue spread it out with my finger and flocked away.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ink Stains

I keep forgetting to share this.

This blog is fantastic.
What a talented lady.
Great ideas
Great tips
just wow.

Ink Stains

And then there was Scrapbooking

So I got some stuff together today.
Funny I thought I owned a Quickutz die in the shape of a wreath..yeah I don't. I was sure I did. But I don't.

The idea's I had for my books completely went out the window. I tried to cover one in I wasted a lot of time on that. Didn't turn out the way I wanted to so I went with the ole fashioned cover with paper method.

I have the bare minimum done on one book. It needs to be made pretty still but I made good progress..

Of course I did not scrapbook in my room I worked on the coffee table which is really somewhat a pain.

When I pretty up the pages I will post pics.

I hope to work on it more tomorrow.

Flower soft has not been used yet..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's been a long time..scrapbooking goals

I honestly don’t remembered the last time I actually scrapbooked.
And to me scrapbook includes: cards, stamping, altering..etc..if I touch my scrapbook tools for it..I am scrapbooking..
Really I don’t. I am on this domestic goof wife kick right now which has even freaked out my husband. Yeah. I think it is my way of procrastinating on finishing up in my scrapbook room. My room is scrapable so no real reason not to scrapbook in there. And when in doubt I can do it at the coffee table if I really want to or feel I can't work in there.

I do have stuff that I have to start and get working on.

I am doing a mini swap with my friends Tamara and Michele. We are each making 1 T’was the Night Before Christmas book and a Christmas Carol book. Each person will receive one of each. Easy enough.

Well Tamara the show off if pretty much done her one book and is well on the way with her other one.

Michele and me..not so much. Technically we agreed to mail them the first week of has to go to Alberta the other to Nova Scotia..for me I need to get my ass in gear and start them.

I have fabulous ideas for each. I was a little stuck on the Christmas Carol book and then it finally came to me the idea for shouldn’t be a problem.

There was no particular style that you had to use do what you feel comfortable doing. The only idea behind it was that it wouldn’t cost much to mail it and it would fit in a regular envelope.

I have a lot of Christmas scrapbooking my plan is to actually utilize some of it.
I would like to try out some new techniques and such as well.

I have collected a nice allotment of Flower Soft and flock..etc..
New QK dies or well not new but never used..

So my scrapbook goals for the weekend: (in no particular order)
- Get the covers done for each of the books that I am making
- Pick out the supplies and determine the size of the books
- Use some stash
- Try some new techniques
- And just create something..anything
- oh if I get stumped I could make a couple Christmas Cards I definitely need 4.

So that is my plan. I am not leaving the house this weekend only to go to the grocery store so I will have lots of time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The moment of horror

2 weeks ago when I was organizing my scraproom it was about oh hour 8 of continuous organizing I had a moment.

I stood in the middle of my scraproom and just look around thinking it's not going to fit. Where am I going to put everything. I think I almost had a panic attack.
I was ready to sit on the floor and start rocking back and forth..I am serious it was that bad. Then....yes then...I took a deep breath and I got over was still in the back of my mind though but I pushed on and made progress.

When I was working on Jackie's nook. I told her about my moment. I said she would have that moment too. Accept I had it for her. Then she had it..oh not a good feeling. At this point we both just laid on the floor from exhaustion and just the OMG factor of it all. Jackie was laying under one of the 8ft long folding tables that house all the stuff we were trying to put into her nook. But after some vision and worked out.

I am so frustrated at this point with the room. There isn't much left to do, there really isn't. My problem before was I had no idea where to store certain embellishments now I have a place thanks to the punch storage.

It will be so worth it once it is all done. It is just getting to that point. I dislike going in there, I am so frustrated that I can't scrap when I want to. (yes my room is scrapable but I would like it finished before I start to make a mess in there). I have two projects that need to be completed in the next couple weeks. I need to think of stuff for Christmas. And of course I have the urge to scrap when it is impossible for me to do so.

I have been invited to a house crop the last Sunday in November but again don't have to take a lot of stuff and hopefully I will have something put together I can just take that and be okay with it. We really won't end up scrapbooking much anyway because we will just be chatting away.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

more storage solutions

I have seen this posted on a few sites and I ended up doing it myself. I initially had my punches in the drawers of a rolling cart but was running out of room. NOW..I can see my punches and I have free space to put other items (and no not new items existing items)

Buttons and flowers in jars..I have more jars for flowers

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My QK Cookie Cutter Storage

I saw this on a You Tube video..and when I found the container I was so excited. It works for me, everything is together. It holds my embossing folders as well..and it freed up my QK magnetic folders for my Nestabilities..

I used QK magnetic sheets (I was able to locate more at Business Depot in 8.5 x 11 sheets) but it was a feat to find something like that. I had the whole company that I work for looking for magnetic sheets. The boss was looking..I figure the whole venture cost about $10,000..I mean I went places, the boss went places, phone calls were made, Jackie phoned people, Jackie had her husband was crazy..and in the end I had enough QK magnectic sheets to do the trick. And conveiently they are sticky backed so I was able to just stick cardstock to the back.

my new racking

I purchased some racking from my LSS before it closed..and I can't believe how much stuff it holds. It is really making more room for other things..which is a good thing because I have a lot of things.

In the wire rack (it is actually from Ranger to hold the crackle paint) I have now added: Flower Soft, embossing powders, perfect pearls and pearl ex..
I have freed up a lot of room and containers. So now when I get to my stamp storage and sorting I won't have to get more containers.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Scraproom Clean Up Part 1

Is it wrong to say that I am happy I won't be travelling so much with my scrapbook supplies. Is it wrong I am kinda happy that I won't be spending so much any more..I sure hope not.

I just want to create something and I am unable to do that right now.

But I have the first plan of action done. It is on my Practical Life blog

Sad part is this is the easy part. Part 1.
Part 2..I haven't figured out yet.
Which is kinda scary.

Well here's hoping.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Argh it's starting again

I really didn't know which blog to put this on..this one or my other one which is by the way The Practical Life anyway.

Since my LSS officially closes tomorrow I will not be as mobile as I used to be. Which in a sense might be better for me. My stuff can have a permanent home.

Now I will be going to Jackie's to scrap. Jackie will be coming here as I won't have to take all my stuff with me because Jackie's stuff is all at her house now. So I will just have to take my tool tote and page kits and just special tools and or dies..

So now I have a couple problems. I have to store all my stuff that I tote everything around rolling creative options totes..etc..I will still need them just not as often. And stuff doesn't need to be stored in there either.

My stuff can have a permenant home in my scraproom..

And my stash has gotten bigger..much much much bigger recently.

So Jackie is in the same boat as me and we were discussing our organizing options.
It is such a daunting task. I would really like to do it right this time. I would really like for this time to be "the time"...I takes so much work to haul things out and such and put it back..and it doesn't help that my husband wants as he calls it "my crap" at of the living room..or he calls it my Crafty McCrafter's Crap..

So my other blog (as previously mentioned) will have my plan of action.

My problems are what do I need to make my area work for me.
And I don't know anymore.

So I have 2 nights to figure out how to tackle my "room" and 1 night and 2 days to execute it, or the majority of it.

I need to be able to actually scrapbook soon.
there for need an area to do that in and be able to locate and find my stuff!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scrapbooking at a cottage

And this was the place we went to. Beatles weekend on the radio..My Birthday Scrapbook Weekend at Jackie's Cottage.. It was a great time.

You know it's a good thing Jackie has a truck or we would not be able to do these things..Funny we almost didn't have room for food.

Funny I didn't take a pic of my work area..only Jackie's. And this was the cleanest either of our areas was.

How peaceful is that. Other than the fact that it went down to zero at night and there is NO insulation in the cottage and NO heat at all..the industrial size bag of mini rolo's in the freezer made up for it. And funny thing you learn. If you actually sleep in the sleeping bag and not use it as a is warmer.

But I look forward to doing it again next year.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Once last date

So went to the store last night. Saw a couple more people and said farewell for now.
Gave out my blog to a lot of people.

Jackie and I ordered for one last time a #2 from the Chinese Restaurant. It was good. Always so much I packaged it up to take home for Mason to have lunch today..put it on the hood of my car..Lets just say it never made it. Neither did Jackie's can of diet complete meal was lost on the road.

So we closed the doors once last time together. (Store is still open) but I won't be back..

So to all my Scrapbook Academy friends..welcome to my blog.

Also Jackie has started her own blog. Jackie's Blog
I have so much stuff..
Some great stuff.
Stuff I need to do something with.
I got two different kinds of racks from the for my inks or paints..I am leaning towards paint..and I bought the Ranger Crackle paint holder that the store had. Nice wire will hold my perfect pearls too.

I think I should scrapbook this weekend in honour of the Scrapbook Academy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My LSS is Closing

The place I love, my sanctuary, my second home, my a lot of things is closing.

The announcement was made last night. (Sunday)

I am very sad.

I put in about 25 hours from Friday - Sunday to help Jackie get ready for today's starting sale. I am working tonite the cash to help out my friend.

I am going to miss a few people. I am going to miss just a place to hang out. I am going to miss being able to order anything.

I have had such a great time there. I have learned sooo much from doing R & D weekends, experimenting and just trying stuff out. I will miss that a lot as well..AND I even learned how to share, or with certain people anyway.

When I left on Sunday night the store was 100% full with product. When I got to the store on Monday night at 5pm it was half empty. It was unbelievable how much was gone.

I said goodbye to a few people last night. Gave out my email and blog to a few people and I truly hope to hear from them.

I have been going to the Scrapbook Academy since December 2007. I am sorry that it is no more but I am glad it was for that time.

Jackie, my friend. Thank you. You accomplished a lot with what you had to work with. You sacrificed a lot with your family and home life. You learned a lot too. And I don't know how you kept your sanity with all the wackiness you had to put up with. You have unbelievable patience and I admire you for that. We can work on the paranoia later :)

You are very talented and I hope you do continue to teach.

Jackie you are my Scrapbooking Hero for the month of October. (Just so you know..My title of Scrapbooking Hero is usually a daily thing)

RIP Scrapbook Academy. September 28th, 2007 - October 30th, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally Did Something

And I did a few things too!!!
So here are some of them.

And this is what I made for Mason..He loved it. Very simple. It is on a canvas from a dollar store. And just done as simply as it is.

Okay I have the complete set of alcohol inks..all the colours..and I don't use them enough..but thanks to Jennifer McGuire's Thinking Ink..I learned a few things. First off I used Canon 4x6 photo paper for this..worked well..I like it and it is the perfect size for cards. I used the technique that Jennifer did with running the ink in lines on the felt pad then applying them on the page (hence the streak effect) I like it. The stamp is from the Mike's collection of Tim Holtz stamps.

This is what I did for my Neighbor. He is a single dad. Lots of techniques in there..A lot. I used all Ranger product for this. The Barb wire Masks (I thought I would never use but loved the other boarders) oh I lied I used Color Box Charcoal Chalk ink on the sides with the masks. Grunge board with the wings and skull..Stickled the "Scrapbook" and "Can" is embossed with Harmonie embossing is such an amazing product!.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scrapbooking Goals for the weekend

1. Work on class #4..picked up 4 different kinds of paper from Harmonie..
2. Work on my paper organization
3. Put in place my new die storage system..really excited
4. Consider the stamp inventory thing.

5. I don't think there can be a five.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pop can's and Alcohol Inks

My recycling is going to go down..cause I will be stealing the popcans to make things and embellishments..going to start having to get some tall boys too..cause they have bigger pieces of metal...This is my favourite one. I embossed it with the textured textile cuttlebug folder. (Really love this design) I inked and sanded, inked again and only sanded in certain areas. I am thinking card backgrounds..have another couple ideas too..but ran out of popcans this weekend.

These two I just embossed coloured..sanded..coloured again sanded a little more and voila..two toned metal. I was running out of popcans so was limited on sizes.

This was my original sample that I did. I just alcohol inked it and sanded the odd flower.

I was able to cut the pop can with my Epic can't emboss though and cut..just shreds the pop can.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Retreat pics

that retreat I went to back in May..finally got the pics from Jackie of what the truck looked like packed.
Now remember we had store stuff our stuff..there was barely room for us..oh and we had our cloths and sleeping stuff was a lot of stuff.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pop can

So I know I saw something somewhere on the net about taking a pop can and turning it into something scrapbooking related.

Well yesterday while taking out the recycling I decided to try it. I used the can opener to take off the top and then used kitchen shears to cut the remaining. YOU MUST BE VERY CAREFUL AS THE ALUMINUM IS VERY SHARP!!

Anyway I decided why not put it thru my revolution so picked the first embossing folder I found and sure enough it worked. Went thru very easily and worked out well..but for safety reasons I decided to fold over the edges and that is what I came up with. Perfect for alcohol inking etc.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Almost there..almost

I am so close to being done. This is what I was up against and I had already spent time in there. I just took a box at a time and put things away. It was a long process. So much stuff..but all necessary. Everything is labeled and sorted. There is some tweaking. I still have to go thru the two closets in the room..(non-scrapbooking stuff is kept in there) I am hoping to be able to purge some stuff from there as well maybe make more room for scrapping stuff. All that is left is two boxes of stuff to go thru and my workspace. I still have to do my paper which will be an ongoing thing and my metal embellishment. I don't think it will take to long to finish. I am hoping to finish it tonite when I get home from my grandpa's..Oh today is his birthday!! He is 81 and still amazing. I am taking dinner up there and cooking..I wonder if he remembers how messy a cook I really am..I offered to take him and his girlfriend out for dinner..he said no..he might regret that later..Anyway..if Mas doesn't take the camera with him to the cottage I will have finished product pics tomorrow..and hopefully some new creations post..

So all my rubons (I love rubbons) and other packaged embellishments (other than metal) are just in containers..well I do have a great memory and generally do know what I have..but all these containers were hard to store and with my ever increasing stash I needed a better way. Well I am not getting a clip it up..cause well that takes space I made one that would work with what I got. It isn't perfect it does have flaws but it will work for me. I bought two hooks some cord (just thick string..close to rope and bought two packages of 3/4 inch binder clips..I have 144 binder clips..not all of them are up..but I think close to hundred is heavy after you get it up there and adding more binder clips to it after the fact is a pain. I think I will get another hook to hold it in the middle and there is no order to them being hung..I did clip doubles together if I had 2 or 3 packages of the same rubon I did clip them on the same they are visible and accessbile..

So when we moved into our house in the sunroom there was this make shift fold out table it is absolutely fugly and useless to us so we removed it probably 6 or 7 years ago. (we have been here for 7 years this year) anyway so it's been in the shed, its been put out on garbage day (garbage men wouldn't even take it) it has been in the back of my car for about 2 months now for me to throw out in the bin at work..well I am so happy it didn't go. I do share my scraping area with some other storage things my old oak desk and just since we don't use the Christmas stuff too much I thought to myself hey that table top counter thingy will fit will I could utilize that get it out of the car get it to the basement and desk has to now my desk is not centered under the window..but I am okay with here is what I did with it. This is all the stuff that I don't necessarily use all the time but it's out so I can see it and remember it's it got stuff being stored on the floor etc..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scrap Goals for the Weekend

1. If it kills me my scraproom will be done by Friday.
I went shopping and got some more great bins and other things to help me in my quest.

2. To get heritage class #3 done..

3. To do something for me..little ole me. Maybe something bright..maybe something outside my style..
3a. to finish my LO that I started at the's of my as a kid..I was so cute.
4. To stamp off some images

5. To use my new Quickutz Epic that I have trouble shooted the problem it is a great machine I love it and want to use I got some new cuttlebug embossing folders that I would love to try out.

6. Think of something to do with the Making Memories Vintage Findings collection of things I purchased..I love it is so me..

7. To nap when I want, to snack what I want..and hope I have 2 nights of me time..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Quest continues

For ORGANIZATION...why does that always seem like a dirty word..
Well I spent the better part of today in my scraproom organizing. I took a lot of stuff out of the room and had it in the rec room while I was going thru stuff.

So I got this cubby hole thing from Zellers and it was so reduced it was awesome..only $21..and it was easy to assemble and it is sturdy..

I got the bins from Dollarama..and just started filling them up with stuff..I am considering getting a second unit..haven't decided 100% yet though.

So I have gotten my scraps all together as well..bought an expanding file folder and sorted them by colour and such..the thing weighs a tonne (metric tonne too)..but they are contained and I really need to start making cards. I purged them too and kept pieces only 3 x 3 and bigger.

Well I will keep it up..I hope to have it done by Saturday cause I have the weekend to myself looking forward to it..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scrapbooking Organization!!

Almost seems like a bad word doesn't it...

Anyway..I am not even going to discuss the state of my room right now..or my stuff in general.

I need magic fairies to come in and just take over..not just my scrap room but the whole house.

This is when my pony tail comes in handy I can cross my arms and flip it around and blink..remind you of anything..I DREAM OF JEANNIE..ahh I love that show..
I wish I had her powers..I would use it all for good..I swear.


I found this great blog and the woman is doing a scrapbook organization challenge..great ideas on's a 29 or 28 week thing..but great site..I have been on there for 3 days now..and I think I am actually motivated. She just has a different take on things that I have heard of in the past..anyway..

Just sharing the knowledge.

My Love Affair with a Label Maker

Well anyway. I will post my progress...and any points that I think is worthy..

Start at the first post..don't look at anything else. Go to the first post and read from there. Trust me it make more sense when you see her theory.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The book continues

This is the back of the transparency page..I used perfect pearls in the top corner.

This is the tag for the grungeboard pocket that I made.. Just an acrylic tag with paper behind it.

More pages for the demo book

This is behind the cover..I used my new Dymo labeler ..which you can put strips of paper in too..

Page 2..I used my mini masks from Tim Holtz..and distressed inked shabby shutters, dried marigold and mustard seed.

Page 3

Page 4: I used a transparency

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Page 1

The rest of the book will be premiered at DEMO DAY at the Scrapbook Academy!! this coming Saturday June 27th..see you there!!!

Playing with my new 7 Gypsies Binderie punch

Finally cracked (excuse the pun) my Picket Fence Crackle paint...Added a little Weathered Wood crackle on the top. I stamped "In the Garden" with Studio G font stamps..but to keep them even I spelled out the word and then used an elastic to keep them together, was definitely tricky but worth it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Class is posted

I am teaching at the Scrapbook Academy on July 9th..

Here is the link to my class..yay!!

Scrapbook Academy Up Coming Classes

Really looking forward to it.

So if your in the area and want to learn about heritage scrapbooking and some basic genealogy..come take my class.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So Jackie and I went to the first scrapbooking retreat put on by the YWCA girls camp. After a few bumps in the road a GPS unit called Stella and realizing that hidden intersection signs really do mean hidden intersections..oh plus the moment Jackie reconsidered..and if she didn't we would be dead..we finally got there. Did I mention we took a truck and we couldn't get anything more into it even if we wanted to....

So we get there unload in a swarm of bugs. Get the store section set up get us set up and realize how tired we really are..but we pushed on and started scrapping.

So what did I do while there..well let me show you.

This is for Mason cause I can't go scrapbooking and come home without something for this is what he got.

I painted a piece of chipboard with copper metallic paint..took my Tim Holtz distress hammer and beat it but good..then took black soot dristress ink and applied it with a stiple brush to make the pitted marks stand out a little.

The letters...ohh the letters..They are actually laser cut wood by a fantastic Canadian company..home grown that's right..Harmonie..which I just inked with some chalk ink.. so project #1 for show and tell complete.

moving on..

My first attempt at a tri-fold card..not sure how I like them yet or not. As Tammy said they are easy to make but interesting to embellish..I concur on that...yeah no spell check for not sure which father will get this card..but Mason's or mine will. I will keep you posted..I know real cliff hanger..

Okay next..

This is something I made for my cousin who just obviously just had a baby...yay!! I know I did something baby related..

Well I the green paper I versamarked with stamp to create my own pattern paper. the bling accents on the bottom..All credit goes to Jackie on that one..great idea though..and the buttons on the left..are 4 buttons that I glued together..worked out I think..and well add a pic of a cute baby..and taa daaaaa..

And the other stuff..can't post..or not going to post..I will at a later time.
Well thanks for coming out..


Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day for my mom

So going to visit my mom tomorrow so made a card for her and her friend..

This is the card for my mother..again it flipped my pic on me for some reason..I used my Technique Tuesday stamp "double stamp" Two stepping in the's a fun set.

This is the card I made for my mom's friend who will be there when I am visiting tomorrow. Again I used the vines from the about stamp set