Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day for my mom

So going to visit my mom tomorrow so made a card for her and her friend..

This is the card for my mother..again it flipped my pic on me for some reason..I used my Technique Tuesday stamp "double stamp" Two stepping in the's a fun set.

This is the card I made for my mom's friend who will be there when I am visiting tomorrow. Again I used the vines from the about stamp set

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vicki classes

I think I forget to mention I am signed up to 2 (yes 2) Vicki Boutin classes at the Scrapbook Academy on the 13th day of excited..using the new Binderie punch from 7 Gypsys and finally learning how to use perfect pearls other than misting with them..

Yeah I am chatty tonite.


So it was one of those days. A long one too. Mason and I got home and I said I need beer and off to the pub we went..Had a burger instead of wings and what a great decision that was the best burger I have ever had.

So we just got home Mason looks at me and says are you crafty mccraftering this weekend (hence where the name for the blog came from) and I said no. He said when do you plan on getting all your crap out of our living room (all the stuff I took to the crop) I said well I meant to tell you on Sunday that I wanted to leave it out of my office / scraproom until the weekend so I can go in there and finish cleaning it. He said your cleaning..then by all means leave it out.

So goal this weekend. Clean and organize the scraproom..which to me never seems to end. I really have to work on some stamp storage too..I see a Zellers trip in my near future to go get more containers..

I also need to start packing for the weekend retreat I am going on with Jackie to Camp Tapawingo..or something like's a YWCA camp ground in Parrysound..last weekend in May looking forward to it. But I have to be somewhat organized for it.

Plus I need to print and or scan some pics..need to get on that..need to make page kits..time need and want..will power..time..a lot of excuses..

So this weekend is scraping clean up..

I need a tea.

Thanks everyone for the great comments on the weekend..will let you know what the MIL thinks of them..

I have lots of projects on the go would like to finish something.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Button Tree

I think the title says it all.


For some reason it keeps flipping the image. But as you can see it says F YOU..he loved it of course. Thought it was funny. A lot of stickles..a little modge podge and the letters are chipboard by Harmonie.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Some of the cards

National Scrapping Weekend and such

So really slacking in the checking everyone else's site..I will get there. I will post..I promise..
Mason is finally back to work this week. So I have to be a wife again..After I run home and take pics of the cards I made 13 in total..I have to run back out to the post office to mail them off to the mom didn't get any..she can get flowers..easier.

So Friday night of the crop get there..was some what organized..I have to say going to the crop to make cards was a difficult packing decision. So I ended up taking a lot. I had an idea of what I wanted to do. I didn't know how many was going to make. I really did have my expectations set a little higher then the amount I ended up doing. So 13 were done. Not bad..couple of incidents a long the way but corrected them and it worked out beautifully.

So got to the LSS at 5pm got unloaded and set up..and just mellowed out for a moment. Plugged away at it. Met the people at my table very nice bunch. They had never been to a crop at the Academy. Of course the regular bunch was there as well..we had a great snack selection and such..good time all around. Left a little earlier on Friday than midnight but I had worked all day..etc. Got 7 cards done the first night..was impressed with my self. I helped a few people too..and I am sure I saw something shiny so that distracted me as well..Got a few new QK Embossing folders that night..they are so much fun..tried them out too..same size as the cuttlebug and really cheap I think I got 8 of them..really happy.

So I get home and Mason says what'cha make me..I said nothing I am making your mother's mother's day present..he said well I want something.

Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn for some was at the store earlier..started right back at it by 9am. (great breakfast was served as well)..along with tea..ahhh tea..I could go for a tea right now. So I couldn't get into card mode so I started helping a lady out..and painted her "D" for was a production and a half..I don't know why but it was..but it turned out very well in the end..then I decided to make something for Mason..will post..but I will say it is a little riske for some..all the ladies laughed when they saw it..and he of course loved it.
made another 6 cards and I don't know what else..

We got a great goody bag from the store..filled with a 12x12 chipboard set..paint, brushes, paper, flowers..etc..don't even remember what else was in there..then was the prize draw. I was 2 names away from winning the grand prize the new QK die cutting machine..but of course..someone pulled my name after I specifically told her not too..but won a great prize anyway..

Packed up to leave at 10pm wasn't going to stay until midnight but ended up staying and chatting was fun to do that.

Overall a great weekend.

And later this evening I will post my pics of my cards.

A few I am really impressed with. I incorporated material, buttons, stitching..used some old stash..wasn't too bad..

So until my next post..