Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scrapbooking Goals for the weekend

1. Work on class #4..picked up 4 different kinds of paper from Harmonie..
2. Work on my paper organization
3. Put in place my new die storage system..really excited
4. Consider the stamp inventory thing.

5. I don't think there can be a five.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pop can's and Alcohol Inks

My recycling is going to go down..cause I will be stealing the popcans to make things and embellishments..going to start having to get some tall boys too..cause they have bigger pieces of metal...This is my favourite one. I embossed it with the textured textile cuttlebug folder. (Really love this design) I inked and sanded, inked again and only sanded in certain areas. I am thinking card backgrounds..have another couple ideas too..but ran out of popcans this weekend.

These two I just embossed coloured..sanded..coloured again sanded a little more and voila..two toned metal. I was running out of popcans so was limited on sizes.

This was my original sample that I did. I just alcohol inked it and sanded the odd flower.

I was able to cut the pop can with my Epic can't emboss though and cut..just shreds the pop can.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Retreat pics

that retreat I went to back in May..finally got the pics from Jackie of what the truck looked like packed.
Now remember we had store stuff our stuff..there was barely room for us..oh and we had our cloths and sleeping stuff was a lot of stuff.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pop can

So I know I saw something somewhere on the net about taking a pop can and turning it into something scrapbooking related.

Well yesterday while taking out the recycling I decided to try it. I used the can opener to take off the top and then used kitchen shears to cut the remaining. YOU MUST BE VERY CAREFUL AS THE ALUMINUM IS VERY SHARP!!

Anyway I decided why not put it thru my revolution so picked the first embossing folder I found and sure enough it worked. Went thru very easily and worked out well..but for safety reasons I decided to fold over the edges and that is what I came up with. Perfect for alcohol inking etc.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Almost there..almost

I am so close to being done. This is what I was up against and I had already spent time in there. I just took a box at a time and put things away. It was a long process. So much stuff..but all necessary. Everything is labeled and sorted. There is some tweaking. I still have to go thru the two closets in the room..(non-scrapbooking stuff is kept in there) I am hoping to be able to purge some stuff from there as well maybe make more room for scrapping stuff. All that is left is two boxes of stuff to go thru and my workspace. I still have to do my paper which will be an ongoing thing and my metal embellishment. I don't think it will take to long to finish. I am hoping to finish it tonite when I get home from my grandpa's..Oh today is his birthday!! He is 81 and still amazing. I am taking dinner up there and cooking..I wonder if he remembers how messy a cook I really am..I offered to take him and his girlfriend out for dinner..he said no..he might regret that later..Anyway..if Mas doesn't take the camera with him to the cottage I will have finished product pics tomorrow..and hopefully some new creations post..

So all my rubons (I love rubbons) and other packaged embellishments (other than metal) are just in containers..well I do have a great memory and generally do know what I have..but all these containers were hard to store and with my ever increasing stash I needed a better way. Well I am not getting a clip it up..cause well that takes space I made one that would work with what I got. It isn't perfect it does have flaws but it will work for me. I bought two hooks some cord (just thick string..close to rope and bought two packages of 3/4 inch binder clips..I have 144 binder clips..not all of them are up..but I think close to hundred is heavy after you get it up there and adding more binder clips to it after the fact is a pain. I think I will get another hook to hold it in the middle and there is no order to them being hung..I did clip doubles together if I had 2 or 3 packages of the same rubon I did clip them on the same they are visible and accessbile..

So when we moved into our house in the sunroom there was this make shift fold out table it is absolutely fugly and useless to us so we removed it probably 6 or 7 years ago. (we have been here for 7 years this year) anyway so it's been in the shed, its been put out on garbage day (garbage men wouldn't even take it) it has been in the back of my car for about 2 months now for me to throw out in the bin at work..well I am so happy it didn't go. I do share my scraping area with some other storage things my old oak desk and just since we don't use the Christmas stuff too much I thought to myself hey that table top counter thingy will fit will I could utilize that get it out of the car get it to the basement and desk has to now my desk is not centered under the window..but I am okay with here is what I did with it. This is all the stuff that I don't necessarily use all the time but it's out so I can see it and remember it's it got stuff being stored on the floor etc..