Saturday, October 31, 2009

My QK Cookie Cutter Storage

I saw this on a You Tube video..and when I found the container I was so excited. It works for me, everything is together. It holds my embossing folders as well..and it freed up my QK magnetic folders for my Nestabilities..

I used QK magnetic sheets (I was able to locate more at Business Depot in 8.5 x 11 sheets) but it was a feat to find something like that. I had the whole company that I work for looking for magnetic sheets. The boss was looking..I figure the whole venture cost about $10,000..I mean I went places, the boss went places, phone calls were made, Jackie phoned people, Jackie had her husband was crazy..and in the end I had enough QK magnectic sheets to do the trick. And conveiently they are sticky backed so I was able to just stick cardstock to the back.

my new racking

I purchased some racking from my LSS before it closed..and I can't believe how much stuff it holds. It is really making more room for other things..which is a good thing because I have a lot of things.

In the wire rack (it is actually from Ranger to hold the crackle paint) I have now added: Flower Soft, embossing powders, perfect pearls and pearl ex..
I have freed up a lot of room and containers. So now when I get to my stamp storage and sorting I won't have to get more containers.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Scraproom Clean Up Part 1

Is it wrong to say that I am happy I won't be travelling so much with my scrapbook supplies. Is it wrong I am kinda happy that I won't be spending so much any more..I sure hope not.

I just want to create something and I am unable to do that right now.

But I have the first plan of action done. It is on my Practical Life blog

Sad part is this is the easy part. Part 1.
Part 2..I haven't figured out yet.
Which is kinda scary.

Well here's hoping.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Argh it's starting again

I really didn't know which blog to put this on..this one or my other one which is by the way The Practical Life anyway.

Since my LSS officially closes tomorrow I will not be as mobile as I used to be. Which in a sense might be better for me. My stuff can have a permanent home.

Now I will be going to Jackie's to scrap. Jackie will be coming here as I won't have to take all my stuff with me because Jackie's stuff is all at her house now. So I will just have to take my tool tote and page kits and just special tools and or dies..

So now I have a couple problems. I have to store all my stuff that I tote everything around rolling creative options totes..etc..I will still need them just not as often. And stuff doesn't need to be stored in there either.

My stuff can have a permenant home in my scraproom..

And my stash has gotten bigger..much much much bigger recently.

So Jackie is in the same boat as me and we were discussing our organizing options.
It is such a daunting task. I would really like to do it right this time. I would really like for this time to be "the time"...I takes so much work to haul things out and such and put it back..and it doesn't help that my husband wants as he calls it "my crap" at of the living room..or he calls it my Crafty McCrafter's Crap..

So my other blog (as previously mentioned) will have my plan of action.

My problems are what do I need to make my area work for me.
And I don't know anymore.

So I have 2 nights to figure out how to tackle my "room" and 1 night and 2 days to execute it, or the majority of it.

I need to be able to actually scrapbook soon.
there for need an area to do that in and be able to locate and find my stuff!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scrapbooking at a cottage

And this was the place we went to. Beatles weekend on the radio..My Birthday Scrapbook Weekend at Jackie's Cottage.. It was a great time.

You know it's a good thing Jackie has a truck or we would not be able to do these things..Funny we almost didn't have room for food.

Funny I didn't take a pic of my work area..only Jackie's. And this was the cleanest either of our areas was.

How peaceful is that. Other than the fact that it went down to zero at night and there is NO insulation in the cottage and NO heat at all..the industrial size bag of mini rolo's in the freezer made up for it. And funny thing you learn. If you actually sleep in the sleeping bag and not use it as a is warmer.

But I look forward to doing it again next year.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Once last date

So went to the store last night. Saw a couple more people and said farewell for now.
Gave out my blog to a lot of people.

Jackie and I ordered for one last time a #2 from the Chinese Restaurant. It was good. Always so much I packaged it up to take home for Mason to have lunch today..put it on the hood of my car..Lets just say it never made it. Neither did Jackie's can of diet complete meal was lost on the road.

So we closed the doors once last time together. (Store is still open) but I won't be back..

So to all my Scrapbook Academy friends..welcome to my blog.

Also Jackie has started her own blog. Jackie's Blog
I have so much stuff..
Some great stuff.
Stuff I need to do something with.
I got two different kinds of racks from the for my inks or paints..I am leaning towards paint..and I bought the Ranger Crackle paint holder that the store had. Nice wire will hold my perfect pearls too.

I think I should scrapbook this weekend in honour of the Scrapbook Academy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My LSS is Closing

The place I love, my sanctuary, my second home, my a lot of things is closing.

The announcement was made last night. (Sunday)

I am very sad.

I put in about 25 hours from Friday - Sunday to help Jackie get ready for today's starting sale. I am working tonite the cash to help out my friend.

I am going to miss a few people. I am going to miss just a place to hang out. I am going to miss being able to order anything.

I have had such a great time there. I have learned sooo much from doing R & D weekends, experimenting and just trying stuff out. I will miss that a lot as well..AND I even learned how to share, or with certain people anyway.

When I left on Sunday night the store was 100% full with product. When I got to the store on Monday night at 5pm it was half empty. It was unbelievable how much was gone.

I said goodbye to a few people last night. Gave out my email and blog to a few people and I truly hope to hear from them.

I have been going to the Scrapbook Academy since December 2007. I am sorry that it is no more but I am glad it was for that time.

Jackie, my friend. Thank you. You accomplished a lot with what you had to work with. You sacrificed a lot with your family and home life. You learned a lot too. And I don't know how you kept your sanity with all the wackiness you had to put up with. You have unbelievable patience and I admire you for that. We can work on the paranoia later :)

You are very talented and I hope you do continue to teach.

Jackie you are my Scrapbooking Hero for the month of October. (Just so you know..My title of Scrapbooking Hero is usually a daily thing)

RIP Scrapbook Academy. September 28th, 2007 - October 30th, 2009