Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So it was one of those days. A long one too. Mason and I got home and I said I need beer and off to the pub we went..Had a burger instead of wings and what a great decision that was the best burger I have ever had.

So we just got home Mason looks at me and says are you crafty mccraftering this weekend (hence where the name for the blog came from) and I said no. He said when do you plan on getting all your crap out of our living room (all the stuff I took to the crop) I said well I meant to tell you on Sunday that I wanted to leave it out of my office / scraproom until the weekend so I can go in there and finish cleaning it. He said your cleaning..then by all means leave it out.

So goal this weekend. Clean and organize the scraproom..which to me never seems to end. I really have to work on some stamp storage too..I see a Zellers trip in my near future to go get more containers..

I also need to start packing for the weekend retreat I am going on with Jackie to Camp Tapawingo..or something like's a YWCA camp ground in Parrysound..last weekend in May looking forward to it. But I have to be somewhat organized for it.

Plus I need to print and or scan some pics..need to get on that..need to make page kits..time need and want..will power..time..a lot of excuses..

So this weekend is scraping clean up..

I need a tea.

Thanks everyone for the great comments on the weekend..will let you know what the MIL thinks of them..

I have lots of projects on the go would like to finish something.

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