Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So Jackie and I went to the first scrapbooking retreat put on by the YWCA girls camp. After a few bumps in the road a GPS unit called Stella and realizing that hidden intersection signs really do mean hidden intersections..oh plus the moment Jackie reconsidered..and if she didn't we would be dead..we finally got there. Did I mention we took a truck and we couldn't get anything more into it even if we wanted to....

So we get there unload in a swarm of bugs. Get the store section set up get us set up and realize how tired we really are..but we pushed on and started scrapping.

So what did I do while there..well let me show you.

This is for Mason cause I can't go scrapbooking and come home without something for him..so this is what he got.

I painted a piece of chipboard with copper metallic paint..took my Tim Holtz distress hammer and beat it but good..then took black soot dristress ink and applied it with a stiple brush to make the pitted marks stand out a little.

The letters...ohh the letters..They are actually laser cut wood by a fantastic Canadian company..home grown that's right..Harmonie..which I just inked with some chalk ink.. so project #1 for show and tell complete.

moving on..

My first attempt at a tri-fold card..not sure how I like them yet or not. As Tammy said they are easy to make but interesting to embellish..I concur on that...yeah no spell check for me..so not sure which father will get this card..but Mason's or mine will. I will keep you posted..I know real cliff hanger..

Okay next..

This is something I made for my cousin who just obviously just had a baby...yay!! I know I did something baby related..

Well I the green paper I versamarked with stamp to create my own pattern paper. the bling accents on the bottom..All credit goes to Jackie on that one..great idea though..and the buttons on the left..are 4 buttons that I glued together..worked out I think..and well add a pic of a cute baby..and taa daaaaa..

And the other stuff..can't post..or not going to post..I will at a later time.
Well thanks for coming out..



Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

omg baby related!!!
K that is a first fer sure!
but you should not have it be the last...awesome job!!!
great dad day card...and that Mister sign is too perfect!
nice of you to support the strong & free girl :)))

nscropper said...

Glad you made it there safe and sound ... sounds like it was a crazy trip.

I love everything you did ... you put so much extra into your work .. it's fabulous. :)