Monday, August 3, 2009

Pop can

So I know I saw something somewhere on the net about taking a pop can and turning it into something scrapbooking related.

Well yesterday while taking out the recycling I decided to try it. I used the can opener to take off the top and then used kitchen shears to cut the remaining. YOU MUST BE VERY CAREFUL AS THE ALUMINUM IS VERY SHARP!!

Anyway I decided why not put it thru my revolution so picked the first embossing folder I found and sure enough it worked. Went thru very easily and worked out well..but for safety reasons I decided to fold over the edges and that is what I came up with. Perfect for alcohol inking etc.


T in Etown said...

Well that just kicks butt...I love it..hey there is silver tape used for plumbing I have used for embossing you could try putting that around the edges for ribbor something...very freaking cool lady you win the scrappy crown it..

craftymccrafter said...

Can I be your scrapbooking hero for the day?

Tammy said...

seriously cool

Anonymous said...

Well that looks really great!

nscropper said...

very cool .. :)