Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's been a long time..scrapbooking goals

I honestly don’t remembered the last time I actually scrapbooked.
And to me scrapbook includes: cards, stamping, altering..etc..if I touch my scrapbook tools for it..I am scrapbooking..
Really I don’t. I am on this domestic goof wife kick right now which has even freaked out my husband. Yeah. I think it is my way of procrastinating on finishing up in my scrapbook room. My room is scrapable so no real reason not to scrapbook in there. And when in doubt I can do it at the coffee table if I really want to or feel I can't work in there.

I do have stuff that I have to start and get working on.

I am doing a mini swap with my friends Tamara and Michele. We are each making 1 T’was the Night Before Christmas book and a Christmas Carol book. Each person will receive one of each. Easy enough.

Well Tamara the show off if pretty much done her one book and is well on the way with her other one.

Michele and me..not so much. Technically we agreed to mail them the first week of has to go to Alberta the other to Nova Scotia..for me I need to get my ass in gear and start them.

I have fabulous ideas for each. I was a little stuck on the Christmas Carol book and then it finally came to me the idea for shouldn’t be a problem.

There was no particular style that you had to use do what you feel comfortable doing. The only idea behind it was that it wouldn’t cost much to mail it and it would fit in a regular envelope.

I have a lot of Christmas scrapbooking my plan is to actually utilize some of it.
I would like to try out some new techniques and such as well.

I have collected a nice allotment of Flower Soft and flock..etc..
New QK dies or well not new but never used..

So my scrapbook goals for the weekend: (in no particular order)
- Get the covers done for each of the books that I am making
- Pick out the supplies and determine the size of the books
- Use some stash
- Try some new techniques
- And just create something..anything
- oh if I get stumped I could make a couple Christmas Cards I definitely need 4.

So that is my plan. I am not leaving the house this weekend only to go to the grocery store so I will have lots of time.


T in Etown said...

oh I wish I could come play too..I would even bring food...this sounds like a perfect idea now quit being so darn domestic and get scrappin

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

lol...can I come too?
great goals...get to em :)))

Thad Be Me said...

Sure you can all come over. I am sure I have enough for everyone.

nscropper said...

Can't wait to see your books! Hope you are having a scrappy weekend :)