Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Next Scrapping Goals

Wow was I cute..yeah I can say that..most people that know me..will not think I could have ever been that innocent..ever..

So my next goal is to actually scrap like most people do..non-heritage..non-vintage..just a LO..but hey I think this is might be a little retro..

Damn I was cute..

Can't help it got to post another pic of me..

I have a huge collection of Making Memories flowers..I love them..and I was just told that a new shipment of Prima's just came into my LSS and that a couple of the packages will be a must have for me..but I have NEVER used any flowers in anything that I have done for flowers and buttons..

I have recently printed off from manufacturers websites lists of their product so I can check off what I have..I actually did pretty good and only have a couple doubles of ink and paint..

Oh and last goal is to learn how to embossing..there has been many an incidents with me embossing..some R&D at the LSS have gone terribly wrong..I am still finding embossing powder in places..I really like the effect of embossing..I really want to be able to do it..why won't it work for me..and when people try to show me..for some reason it doesn't work for them either..I am cursed.

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Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

I love embossing...come on over I will teach you :)
p.s. you were a cute kid