Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are scrappable

I have spent part of the day putting away my materials from the last time I was at a crop..So if I chose too I could go into my room and actually scrapbook..but well the desire has gone..Sunday is suppose to be relaxing day..and being 5:10pm..I have decided that I will not be doing anything else today except relax.

And well add more stuff to my blog.

So since I have a great LSS..again gonna do the plug..(and yeah Jackie I already know what your gonna say..I don't get a discount..I try all the time..if I open a package and then try to purchase it..she won't give me a discount..if I drop product on the floor and try to purchase it I don't get a discount..if I use a product and then purchase it..I don't get a discount..)

So anyway..since I have a great LSS..I have a couple things posted in there..this one is in the Ranger section..big surprise..cause I have every Ranger product out there..

This was my first attempt at ironing paper..I crumpled the whole paper..ran my Old Paper Distress ink over it and then...spritz with water and got out my little craft iron and ironed it flat.

I used Ranger's Memory glass in the film strip..and if you look closely at the bottom pic in the film strip you will see that my great grandmother..(aka..Lovica) is holding a stuffed dog..all that have examined the pic are pretty sure that it isn't a real dog..

This one is right behind the cash desk..I mean everyone gets to see it..and in my opinion it's the best LO in the store..except..for the Bucket List..

So I had just gotten some new stamps when I did this LO and had some fun with it..once again started with white cardstock and coloured the paper..

That is my grandma in the pic and a letter that her grandfather wrote to her.

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