Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well it's not scrapping but it's something

Health & Safety Tips..
(needed a moment away from work so came up with this...) my favourites are bolded.

1. Don't lick or chew on walls (this should include fences as well as they are made with pressure treated wood)

2. Don't stick things in your eyes..

3. Your nose is not a pocket

4. Do not put a plastic bag over your head and then tie it shut..not a good rain hat this way..unless you cut eye holes..oh might also lead to suffocation.

5. Do not stick your head in a 5 gallon (or 20 L ) bucket that is full of water.

6. Do not cross the highway on foot..especially during non-rush hours (cars are actually moving at this point)

7. if the dog won't shouldn’t either

8. If it glows really isn't a good idea to hang around

9. If you poke something with a stick and it goes to poke back..wasn't a good idea in the first place.

10. do not smoke while applying hairspray

11. no appliance no matter how time saving should be used in the shower or tub.

12. do not lick electrical sockets or stick things in there.

13..personal favourite had the experience not stick your finger in a light will get shocked..that freakin' hurt.

14. DO NOT WEAR a necktie while shreadding..especially if you feel the need to get really close to the hopper and watch your material go thru.

15.. always put a lid on the blender before you turn it on..more a messy thing then safety..but something might get in your eye..

16..personal experience again...always where rubber gloves when cutting jalapenos..

17. Bears are not cute and cuddly..they are wild not attempt to pet them (I don’t like bears I had 2 bad experiences)..

18. mushrooms are not all magic

19. That stranger better be offering some pretty good candy to make me get in the car.

20. You wake up in a bathtub full of ice check to make sure they used surgical string to sew you back up. (cause your more than likely missing a kidney..) if your lucky you will be able to buy your own one back


nscropper said...

LOL ...... #3 makes me laugh out loud. :)

craftymccrafter said...

I think 19 is my favourite..but initally #3 made me LOL too..

It's all true.

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

#18 hehe "really?"
#5 thanks for the 20L clarification!!! I needed that!
#1 just made me say "Huh?" who licks walls? fences...ok...but walls?
thanks for the laugh K

Rhonda said...

Duly noted. Thanks for the advice!! :)