Monday, October 19, 2009

My LSS is Closing

The place I love, my sanctuary, my second home, my a lot of things is closing.

The announcement was made last night. (Sunday)

I am very sad.

I put in about 25 hours from Friday - Sunday to help Jackie get ready for today's starting sale. I am working tonite the cash to help out my friend.

I am going to miss a few people. I am going to miss just a place to hang out. I am going to miss being able to order anything.

I have had such a great time there. I have learned sooo much from doing R & D weekends, experimenting and just trying stuff out. I will miss that a lot as well..AND I even learned how to share, or with certain people anyway.

When I left on Sunday night the store was 100% full with product. When I got to the store on Monday night at 5pm it was half empty. It was unbelievable how much was gone.

I said goodbye to a few people last night. Gave out my email and blog to a few people and I truly hope to hear from them.

I have been going to the Scrapbook Academy since December 2007. I am sorry that it is no more but I am glad it was for that time.

Jackie, my friend. Thank you. You accomplished a lot with what you had to work with. You sacrificed a lot with your family and home life. You learned a lot too. And I don't know how you kept your sanity with all the wackiness you had to put up with. You have unbelievable patience and I admire you for that. We can work on the paranoia later :)

You are very talented and I hope you do continue to teach.

Jackie you are my Scrapbooking Hero for the month of October. (Just so you know..My title of Scrapbooking Hero is usually a daily thing)

RIP Scrapbook Academy. September 28th, 2007 - October 30th, 2009


Jackie R said...

Your words are too kind and appreciated -- again someone has made my tearful over this -- as you know I couldn't have accomplished what I did without you and it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun -- you have made it great fun and pushed me to learn more. Fun times will continue location to be named later!!! I wish we had met earlier and your most poignant comment in our relationship may have been come in to play -- please reconsider - lol!

I will wear your Scrapbooking Hero title with pride

nscropper said...

:( So sorry to hear this. HUGS!

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

sorry girl :( that bites