Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Argh it's starting again

I really didn't know which blog to put this on..this one or my other one which is by the way The Practical Life anyway.

Since my LSS officially closes tomorrow I will not be as mobile as I used to be. Which in a sense might be better for me. My stuff can have a permanent home.

Now I will be going to Jackie's to scrap. Jackie will be coming here as well..but....now I won't have to take all my stuff with me because Jackie's stuff is all at her house now. So I will just have to take my tool tote and page kits and just special tools and or dies..

So now I have a couple problems. I have to store all my stuff that I tote everything around with..my rolling tote..my creative options totes..etc..I will still need them just not as often. And stuff doesn't need to be stored in there either.

My stuff can have a permenant home in my scraproom..

And my stash has gotten bigger..much much much bigger recently.

So Jackie is in the same boat as me and we were discussing our organizing options.
It is such a daunting task. I would really like to do it right this time. I would really like for this time to be "the time"...I takes so much work to haul things out and such and put it back..and it doesn't help that my husband wants as he calls it "my crap" at of the living room..or he calls it my Crafty McCrafter's Crap..

So my other blog (as previously mentioned) will have my plan of action.

My problems are what do I need to make my area work for me.
And I don't know anymore.

So I have 2 nights to figure out how to tackle my "room" and 1 night and 2 days to execute it, or the majority of it.

I need to be able to actually scrapbook soon.
there for need an area to do that in and be able to locate and find my stuff!!!


T in Etown said...

hey lady ..this is tough ..as you can recall I did an overhaul and here is my bits of advice..
1. Decide how you scrap. Do you scrap by product name and make or do you scrap by colour. This will help decide how you store stuff..I scrap by colour so I store and sort everything by colour..if you scrap by company then do that..kwim..
2. By cheap storage than can be added to as your stock will forever be getting bigger not smaller ...don't kid yourself..the dollar has many options for containers..so I bought several different containers, one of each and figured out how and where I was going to use them and then went and bought as much as I needed and extra for the future..again don't kid yourself you will buy more...
well thats my suggestions..happy sorting...

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

shite girl...good luck is all I got :)))