Friday, October 23, 2009

Once last date

So went to the store last night. Saw a couple more people and said farewell for now.
Gave out my blog to a lot of people.

Jackie and I ordered for one last time a #2 from the Chinese Restaurant. It was good. Always so much I packaged it up to take home for Mason to have lunch today..put it on the hood of my car..Lets just say it never made it. Neither did Jackie's can of diet complete meal was lost on the road.

So we closed the doors once last time together. (Store is still open) but I won't be back..

So to all my Scrapbook Academy friends..welcome to my blog.

Also Jackie has started her own blog. Jackie's Blog
I have so much stuff..
Some great stuff.
Stuff I need to do something with.
I got two different kinds of racks from the for my inks or paints..I am leaning towards paint..and I bought the Ranger Crackle paint holder that the store had. Nice wire will hold my perfect pearls too.

I think I should scrapbook this weekend in honour of the Scrapbook Academy.


Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

hugs girl

T in Etown said...

Sorry this store had to come to an end..and yes you should scrap with your heart this weekend...oh and sorry about the meal on the