Thursday, July 15, 2010


Cornish Heritage Stamps are going out of business. Today is the last day to order and guarantee what you get..

Jackie and I had a little fun ordering last night..their 6x6 scrapblocks are awesome (already own two)...

Great quality's to bad they are leaving..

BUT...I think I might have found a QK Silhouette...very excited..

Now my reno on my room is hopefully starting in two weeks..
I can't start it until I have upstairs of my house dealt with..but that is ever so much needed motivational push..lots of new stuff coming..orders have been made..can wait to actually use my stuff..not just look at it..

And I need to update my inventory list..

Hey anyone heard of Dreamweaver Stencils and paste..that is my new..hmmm..I'm trying that out thing..

Well I have started going thru blogs..

I went thru Imagine far..and wow if you don't already look at that blog you should check it out.

And Trish..thanks for the message..I am back..
And some R & D moments need to happen..I miss doing R & D at my LSS..
I purchased some new books as well and there is some stuff in there that kinda pushes the limits and lets just say it involves clay...Jackie is thinking about it..I know in the end we will try it out..

Anyway ladies..I hope to have some pics to post. I did make some tags back at the end of May..tried out all the new Tim Holtz colours..yes I have the complete 36 ink colours are great..finally a grey.

Ok two post in two days wow..

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