Thursday, July 22, 2010

and this is why I am friends with Jackie....

not only does she have as much scrapbooking supplies as me (and maybe more..not much more though)
she has brilliant ideas.
I received a sketch this morning regarding the layout of my scraproom redo.
brilliant I tell you.
And she was willing to come back from the cottage early to help me..but I said NO (and she will be involved she's not getting out of it that easily. I don't need her for the packing up stuff..nope she gets to be there for the putting it away..)
But she is coming during the week so we can plan what I need to buy and where things will go..

I will say she did add a spot for herself to work at in my scrapbook room..hmm convenient I think..on her part..

So plans are in motion..building cabinets and cupboards are out..huge working space (5 x 7 to be exact) will be implemented..
thats all I can say..

and another reason I keep her around..she feeds me, drives me places..and is she is self proclaiming to be my conscience which is kinda scary in its self too..but I guess it's better than the one I currently

There are other reasons but those are the scrapbook related ones..

why does she keep me around..cause she knows in the event something happens to me she gets all my everyone if I disappear mysteriously Jackie probably knocked me off for my scrapbook supplies..I'm just saying..


Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear about your great friend. Do you loan her out? She might like a vacation on the coast, y'know.

Tamara said...

I wish I had a Jackie...