Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So here is the plan....

famous last words on my part..
ok this is the weekend before the long weekend.
Goal to start the scraproom reno the long weekend.
What has to be done prior to that.
Finish purging and cleaning the upstairs.
Well what is left upstairs..
Spare bedroom and living room (which has been a dumping ground for everything) and the sunroom.
Can I pull it off..I am sure a normal person can..me..Ms. Procrastination..well if I have a deadline I'm great at stuff like that..and since I have a dead line and would love to be able to scrap and see what I have then yeah I think I can.

So this weekend need to finish upstairs and then I can start boxing up all my scrapping stuff..and I am hoping to purge as I go too..the joys of buying a bunch of rubbermaids was brillant on my part. I'm going to approach this whole thing by the blog (it's listed on my blog list) "my love affair with a label maker"..that is the theory anyway.

But I will group like things together and put them all in one container so when I go to put them away I can just have one container..yay..also this way I can see how much I have of one thing when deciding on the storage method..and really how many cupboards I need..this is going to drive me nuts this whole process but it will be worth it.