Tuesday, July 13, 2010

After a long hiatus

I think I am almost back.

I have never STOPPED buying product..so I am still up to date on all the stuff...
I have now the resources and time and energy to do a complete overhaul and rebuild of my scraproom. (This is exciting)...

I will have counters and cupboards and funky colour painted walls.
I can build the scrapbook room of my dreams (or well what will fit in my 11 x 11 room.

My goal is in two weeks to start emptying my room and preparing to paint!!!!


I am so looking forward to getting back to my hobby..

I have not visited too many blogs recently and that is on my list..so too all my scrappy friends..I haven't forgotten about you I will go back and see all the work you have done.

I have lots of new techniques I want to try..I am hoping to start maybe posting a lot more frequently and well just getting creative and messy and dirty..

1 comment:

Stampi said...

Welcome back lady...I missed you and all your fun ideas and extreme go for it techniques...can't wait..happy creating your room....